We are a resale marketplace. Prices may be above or below face value.

Do you have tickets to sell?

If you wish to sell us tickets they must be in your possession and be able to be shipped to us within 24 hours. If you have season tickets or are expecting tickets for an event, we can let you know if we may be interested in those tickets, however, we will not speculate on a price. Prices change daily and we will only agree to buy your tickets once they are in hand.

Call TOLL-FREE 1-877-876-7171

We ask that all ticket sellers realize that CompleteTickets.com, like any business, buys at a wholesale price and tries to sell at a retail price. If you wish to sell your tickets and alleviate yourself from all of the financial risks, the price we would purchase the tickets for outright is usually between 50% and 75% of the asking retail price, if we feel we can sell your tickets. If we have too many tickets in stock, we may not be interested in your tickets at all even if they are below face value.


Email sales@completetickets.com

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