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As then residents of Charlotte are aware, the start of the 2002 season saw the used-to-be Charlotte Hornets playing in their new home town of New Orleans, Louisiana. The NBA promised Charlotte’s city officials that by the start of the following season, they’d have a new expansion team to replace the Hornets. That's how the Hornets came into being. The team is named after the predator of the same name which is native to the Carolinas. The bobcat has been described by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission as “athletic and fierce.” Those adjectives could also be used to describe several members of the team's current roster, including Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson.


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On December 14th of 2005, during their opening season, the Charlotte Hornets faced the New Orleans Hornets at the Hornets' then home, the Charlotte Coliseum. It was a fight to the finish, but to the delight of the home town crowd, the Hornets emerged victorious, with a 94 to 93 win in overtime. The Hornets made their first playoff appearance in 2010, but were eliminated by the Orlando Magic in the first round. With a new head coach in place, fans remain optimistic about the current and upcoming seasons.